Reign of Winter

Winter Weather, Bandits, and a Missing Noblewoman

The Adventure Begins

Moonday, Erastus (July) 1, 4713 AR
The party met with the Heldren Town Council to discuss the recent appearance of a pocket of wintry weather in the nearby Border Wood. Local farmers have reported thefts and vandalism of their property by strange wintry creatures and bandits, and several who have gone into the woods to investigate have not returned. Ominously, there has been no word from the nearby High Sentinel rangers. In addition, a Taldan noblewoman named Argentea Malassene was taken captive by this strange coalition as her party passed through the region. The party agrees to this task.

Toilday, Erastus (July) 2, 4713 AR
The party reached the ambush site. They were attacked by 2 zombies who were left behind. They found some minor treasure and Ajla’s wolf, Zenskar, was able to track Lady Argentea by scent. As they went into the Border Wood, the party bypassed a trap left by the raiders and ran into a Tatzylworm (a type of dragon), which savaged Zenskar, but the wolf survived. They then ran into some winter-touched sprites. After a tough fight, one got away and the party had to camp.

Wealday, Erastus (July) 3, 4713 AR
As the party progressed farther into the Border Wood, they came across a talking stag. Jesserett and Atsur were able to figure out that this was a deception being triggered by an evil winter-touched atomie. The atomie tried to convince the party to leave the forest, but the party killed it and its pet stag.
The party continued on, where they eventually came to Wishbone Creek, which was frozen over. The path across was guarded by a magically-trapped snowman, which Jesserett disarmed with her Mage Hand spell. Setting off the trap summoned the guardians of the crossing, 2 small ice elementals, which the party defeated with little effort.
Further up the trail, the party was able to ambush 3 bandits who were working for Rohkar. Ajla used her Entangle spell to immobilize the bandits. Under the tenets of his faith Atsur executed 2 of the bandits. The remaining bandit told a tale of how Rohkar’s raiders had joined forces with the evil fey creatures. The captive also revealed that this unusual coalition was behind the kidnapping of Lady Argentea. He also revealed that the bandit lair was at a hunting lodge about 2 miles further south. Atsur was forced to let the captive go because he had given his word, but Arkath and Ajla arranged for Varg, Arkath’s eidolon to execute the bandit as he left. Varg discovered a shallow grave nearby where the bandits had buried 3 of Lady Argentea’s serving maids, which Ajla and Arkath felt justified Arkath’s use of Varg as an agent of justice. The party then camped until nightfall to heal up and plan their nighttime assault on the lair.
The plan was executed to perfection once the party arrived. Jesserett tripped an alarm, while Ajla flung open the lodge doors and Arkath let loose a swarm of summoned eagles. They easily dispatched 5 minion bandits and then took out the Rohkar and a half-orc mercenary named Ten-Penny Tacey. This fight was also fairly easy, although Zenskar was almost killed by a brutal sneak attack from the half-orc.
A search of the lodge revealed some treasure and some sick bandits, who seemed to have developed a horrible disease that caused tremors and fatigue. This disease seemed to have been imported by the winter weather. Lady Argentea was found in the basement and was grateful for her rescue. The party also recovered 3 light war horses. They also learned that Rohkar was a worshipper of Norgorber, god of greed, lies, and poison and that he had sacrificed the 5 High Sentinel rangers to his dark god and taken over the lodge as headquarters for his bandits. They also found a captured winter-touched sprite named Vrixx, whom they questioned. It seemed that Rohkar’s band had been forced into servants by the masters of the evil fey, but Vriss would not speak of his masters because their winter magic would kill him. Before the party left, Arkath’s eagles spotted some type of fey creature flying off deeper into the forest. It seemed that there were darker powers behind the winter weather and Lady Argentea’s kidnapping lurking deeper in the forest.
When the party arrived back in town, they learned that today was the day of the Archerfeast in Heldren, a holiday to celebrate Erastil. The festivities included a series archery competitions, livestock trading, and courtship of eligible women.

Oathday, Erastus (July) 4, 4713 AR
After resting the night, the party collected their rewards and distributed the various equipment and magic items they had found. They delivered the 4 bandits and Vrixx over to the town council, who would meet that evening to decide what to do with the prisoners. As evening approached, Ajla came down with the mysterious illness known as the Chillbane Shakes.



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