Ajla Frimbocket

A blue-haired bundle of nature's wrath


A Gnome female Druid of Sarenrae


Ajla comes from the Irrisen, a land of eternal winter ruled by the evil White Witches, descendants of the immortal witch Baba Yaga, She is a member of the Dawnflower Druids. These Druids worship Sarenrae, goddess of honesty, redemption, healing, and the sun. The Dawnflower Druids seek to drive out the evil witches, who they see as unnatural abominations that are upsetting the balance of the natural world by creating a kingdom of eternal winter and blocking the power of the sun. Ajla became a member of this order when her clan, the Frimbockets, was killed and disbanded by the White Witches for speaking out against their tyrannical rule. The Gnomes in Irrisen resent the fact that their fey cousins have aided such evil beings as the witches to drive the Gnomes from their ancestral homes. Ajla managed to escape the destruction of her clan and joined the Dawnflower Druids’ resistance movement. Elvanna, the current queen of Irrisen, has finally succeeded in breaking apart the the Dawnflower Druids, scattering the members to the 4 winds or killing them. Ajla is one of the survivors and has fled south to the land of Taldor and the village of Heldren, where her uncle, Temgezil Frimbocket, lives in exile. She arrived in Heldren on the Summer Solstice just in time to watch the locals celebrate the Sunwrought Festival of Sarenrae on the year’s longest day with fireworks, kites, and gift giving, as well as reenactments of the Dawnflower’s battle with Rovagug. There she located Temgezil, who generously offered her lodging while he considered her request for help. The festivities, however, ground to a screeching halt when a local hunter burst into the town square and declared that a blizzard had engulfed the nearby Border Wood. Over the next week, increasing reports from the outlying farms confirmed that the forest is indeed in the grip of winter weather. Even worse, the farmers have begun to report strange beings lurking at the edges of their land and stealing their crops and livestock, and a caravan carrying a Taldan noblewoman was attacked and the noblewoman kidnapped by bandits and ice creatures that emerged from the forest. The town council has asked for volunteers to investigate this phenomenon, rescue the noblewoman, and make contact with the High Sentinels, a group of Rangers tasked with keeping the Border Wood free of bandits and incursions from nearby Qadira. Ajla has decided to offer her services, as helping Temgezil’s adopted home community may convince him to return to Irrisen with her and help end Elvanna’s evil regime.

Ajla Frimbocket

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