Variel "V" Garrett

An indistinguishable man that can easily blend into the crowds.


Variel stands 5’8" and usually wears colors that can blend into the surroundings, especially when being in a town or city for more than one day. He carries a staff and his backpack, as visible to outsiders, a leather helmet that looks more like a hat than anything and a cape. He has light brown hair of medium length, green eyes and a pale complexion. He steps lightly as if barely touching the ground. The cold weather gear changed his looks for the time being, but still prefers animal furs of the kind that live in snow, like snow foxes, white rabbits, white wolves, polar bears, blend with light gray if not enough available. On his horse is now holstered a heavy crossbow, for easy reach and draw, alongside a straddling quiver of bolts on the right side. His speech is usually soft, with pauses, sometimes questioning.


Variel’s father Chel was a human rogue from the city of
Riddleport who served as a mercenary in the service of
the Elves of the village of Crying Leaf in the Mierani
Forest. While there he met Edwina, a beautiful Elven
wizard. The two fell in love and their union produced
Variel. When he was five, a Green Dragon attacked the
village. Edwina died during the assault, and Chel,
heartbroken, returned to Riddleport, leaving Variel to be
raised by the Elves. They were, however, unwilling to
raise a half-breed so they sent Variel to Riddleport. Over
the next 10 years, he grew up on the mean streets of the
city of bandits, thieves, and pirates. He never lost his
innate sense of goodness that had been instilled in him
by his parents, but it was a struggle to survive. Upon
reaching 15, he tried to make contact with his father, but
Chel refused to see him. Variel then set out to make his
own way in the world. He wanted to become a great
wizard like his mother, but the Cypher Mages of
Riddleport would not have some half-breed street brat
sully the halls of their academy. Undeterred, Variel
returned to the Elves of Crying Leaf, but his reception
there was less than welcome despite the passage of 10
years. He then went to Korvosa, which had the most
famous magical academy in all of Varisia. They were
willing to sponsor Variel for a fee, so he entered business
as a scout, leading merchant caravans throughout Varisia
and making maps. Before he could enter the academy,
however, the city was thrown into chaos when the king
died. Then a plague struck the city. Korvosans had always
been a little xenophobic, and the epidemic that destroyed
almost half the population heightened this trend. By
orders of the new queen, all those deemed as outsiders,
including native Varisians, Shoanti, and those of
questionable character (like Variel) were driven from the
city. The memory of being chased by an angry mob of
Korvosans onto a merchant ship bound for the city of
Zimar in the southern kingdom of Taldor is burned into
Variel’s memory. In Zimar, there is no magical academy,
but Variel found an ambitious wizard named Eudonius
Arneth who was willing to train him. Variel has now
finished his apprenticeship and has heard about a
mysterious portal nearby that is bringing winter weather to
the summer season. Thus he has journeyed to the small
village of Heldren near the Border Wood hoping that this
portal will lead him to more wealth and magical power.

Variel "V" Garrett

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