Jesserett Skald

A fiery-tempered Ulfen redhead


An Ulfen female Starsoul Sorcerer


Jesserett is from the riverfront trading town of Dammartorp in the realm of Irrisen. Irrisen is a land ruled by the evil White Witches, descendants of the immortal witch Baba Yaga, who came from another dimension and seized the eastern portions of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings 1400 years ago and created a Irrisen, kingdom of eternal winter. Baba Yaga departed after leaving her daughter Jadwiga in charge, but she returns every 100 years and whisks away the ruling queen and installs another of her daughters to rule for the next 100 years.

Her father Gunther Hammerfall is a fur merchant. He met Jesserett’s mother Khismia on one of his journeys to the southern lands of Osirion. Khismia was an oracle who worshipped Nethys and received her mysteries from the spirits of the Void. Her heritage manifested itself in Jesserett as a talent for sorcery. Khismia was well-liked by the people of Dammartorp despite her foreign heritage, and she acted as local healer and soothsayer. Her kindness and mercy, however, brought her to the attention of the cruel and despotic twin White Witch sisters Tereza and Tsviata who rule Dammartorp in the name of Queen Elvanna. They looked for any excuses to get rid of Khismia, but they had to be careful as Gunther was a favorite of the Duchess Anelisha, the White Witch who ruled the entire province of Hoarwood. In addition, they were too much involved in trying to discredit one another to team up against Khismia. Tragically, it was the manifestation of Jesserett’s sorcerer powers that doomed her mother.

On Jess’s 15th nameday, her sorcerous power manifested itself when a shower of meteors burned down the inn of the Icy Troll. This inn was the headquarters of the faction in town who supported Tereza. The White Witch called for Jess’s head, saying that she was possessed by a demon and would bring death and destruction to Dammartorp. Gunther went to Tsviata to plead for his daughter’s life. The cunning witch saw a way to eliminate two rivals in one move. She agreed to offer her protection to Jess if Gunther divorced Khismia and married Tsviata. Such a move would discredit Tereza and lead to the death of Khismia, as Gunther’s protection would be removed. In desperation, Guther appealed to Duchess Anelisha, but refused to intervene in the matter, forcing the merchant to choose between his wife and his daughter. Gunther chose to save Jesserett.

Once, Gunther made his plans to divorce Khismia public, Tsviata made a proclamation that Khismia was a great demon-binder who had allowed a demon to enter her child. She worked the villagers into a frenzy, and they moved as a mob to capture Khismia and burn her at the stake. Seeing that her fate was sealed, Khismia also knew that Tsviata would never allow Jess to live. As the angry mob approached, Khismia hustled Jess out of town, telling her to run and never look back. She urged Jess to serve Nethys and find a better life outside of Irrisen. As Jess headed out of town, she saw the smoke rising from your mother’s pyre and vowed her revenge on the witches of Irrisen.

Jess planned to travel to Osirion and learn more about Nethys and how to tap her arcane power. Low on funds, she has temporarily settled in the small village of Heldren in the southern kingdom of Taldor, taking up a position at the Silver Stoat, Heldren’s only tavern, as a serving wench. The Summer Solstice brought some interesting developments to quiet Heldren. As Jess watched the locals celebrate the solstice, a hunter burst into the town square and declared that a blizzard had engulfed the nearby Border Wood. Over the following week, increasing reports from the outlying farms have confirmed that the forest is indeed in the grip of winter weather. Even worse, the farmers have begun to report strange beings lurking at the edges of their land and stealing their crops and livestock, and just yesterday a caravan carrying a Taldan noblewoman was attacked and the noblewoman kidnapped by bandits and ice creatures that emerged from the forest. The town council has asked for volunteers to investigate this phenomenon, rescue the noblewoman, and make contact with the High Sentinels, a group of Rangers tasked with keeping the Border Wood free of bandits and incursions. Jess has decided to offer her services. There is obviously strange magic afoot, and perhaps there is treasure or magical items to be had to help finance her pilgrimage to Osirion.

Jesserett Skald

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